Welcome to the WhatsApp API documentation. This guide provides developers with information on two key APIs: Get WhatsApp Variables and Send WhatsApp Message. These APIs are designed to enable you to send WhatsApp messages with ease, ensuring that you follow WhatsApp template guidelines.

Get WhatsApp Variables API

The Get WhatsApp Variables API provides essential information about the WhatsApp template you intend to use. This API allows you to understand the template’s structure, including the variable names and value types required for successful message delivery. This will return a JSON response with information about the template variables, such as their names and data types. If the template does not require any variables, the API response will indicate that. In this case, you can proceed to send the WhatsApp message without including any variables.

Send WhatsApp Message API

The Send WhatsApp Message API is used to send WhatsApp messages to end-users based on approved templates. This API allows you to craft and deliver messages in compliance with WhatsApp’s policies. It’s essential to provide valid variables when sending WhatsApp messages. If the variables do not match the template requirements or are not correctly formatted, the message will not be sent to the end-user. Always ensure that the variable data provided in your API request is accurate and adheres to the template’s structure.

WhatsApp messages can only be sent using approved templates provided by WhatsApp’s official template library. Make sure to use the appropriate template and ensure that it complies with WhatsApp’s guidelines to guarantee successful message delivery.


These two APIs, Get WhatsApp Variables and Send WhatsApp Message, are powerful tools for sending WhatsApp messages in a compliant and structured manner. Use the Get WhatsApp Variables API to understand template requirements, and the Send WhatsApp Message API to send approved messages to your end-users.

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This documentation outlines the purpose and usage of the Get WhatsApp Variables and Send WhatsApp Message APIs, emphasizing the importance of adhering to WhatsApp template guidelines for successful message delivery. It provides a clear structure for developers to follow when integrating these APIs into their applications.